Housing Programs

Key Case Management & GRSP


Key Case Management and GRSP (Graduated Rent Subsidy Program) help adults and families who have experienced homelessness access and maintain housing regardless of their history or challenges. Participants may have active addictions, compromised mental wellness, problematic social behaviours, physical ailments and difficulties with budgeting and impulse control, yet with appropriate supports, we can help them maintain their housing and learn self-sufficiency.


Once housing is secured, case managers help participants become self-sufficient by helping them find meaningful daily activities, increasing their employability and improving their relationship management skills.


287 adults and 26 children were housed through Key Case Management and GRSP.
95% of the households remained successfully and stably housed or graduated out of the program and no longer required subsidy. Participants have reported significant reductions in their use of public systems, including a 72% decrease in EMS use, 27% reduction in ER visits, and a 76% reduction in interactions with police and the justice system. These programs not only change the lives of their participants, they make Calgary a stronger community for everyone.