Health Programs

Women's Health Clinic


CUPS Women’s Health Clinic is a multidisciplinary wellness centre that takes a holistic approach to the physical, mental and socio-economic health of low-income and marginalized women and children. 

Beyond poverty, many of the clinic’s adult patients face additional challenges such as: active addictions; histories with Child and Family Services and the justice system; childhoods spent in foster care and/or difficult family histories; low education and health knowledge levels; and mental health issues. These challenges become all the more important when a woman becomes pregnant. Failing to address such challenges put children at very high risk of poor social, emotional and neurological development. 


The Clinic offers non-judgmental, collaborative support, care and wrap-around services through CUPS programs and partner agencies. The goal of CUPS Pre-Natal Program is to deliver healthy, full-term babies and to support parents in creating a positive and healthy environment for their child’s lifelong development. The Pre-Natal Program works closely with CUPS Family and Child Development Centres, CUPS Housing and support programs and CUPS mental health services. Combined, these programs provide the support that at-risk families need to move out of the cycle of poverty.


Combined, CUPS clinics had 5,169 patients with 33,977 patient visits, including 576 pediatric patients and pre-natal care for 143 women. In providing early intervention, ongoing care, and service coordination, the Women’s Health Clinic not only addresses health needs, but also serves to help stabilize families and build strong futures for children.