Health Programs

CUPS Primary Care Clinic


CUPS Primary Care Clinic provides holistic, collaborative and non-judgmental physical and mental health care to struggling low-income, high-risk Calgarians. Many of its patients are homeless; have complex and neglected health issues; mental health and addiction issues, and have low education and health knowledge rates.


CUPS Primary Care Clinic provides services in areas critical to the health of its unique patient population, including diabetes and hepatitis C diagnosis and treatment, dental and vision care, pre-natal care and onsite visiting specialists. The clinic also coordinates specialist appointments for those without phones, provides bus tickets to get to specialist appointments and works with specialists, urgent care centres and hospitals to ensure that patients receive the follow up care they require.


Combined, CUPS clinics had 5,169 patients with 33,977 patient visits, including 556 Shared Care Mental Health patients and over 375 dental patients. The clinics continue to be a highly trusted and respected resource among patients, other agencies and services providers for its ability to address the health needs of its vulnerable and unique patient population.