Education Programs

Family Development Centre


CUPS Family Development Centre provides education and support for at-risk pregnant women and families and their children (prenatal to six years) who are impacted by poverty. The Centre seeks to help children reach their full potential by supporting families in building strong and stable foundations for their child’s development. Programs seek to reduce the risk of poverty being transmitted to the next generation and to eliminate poor parenting practices, child neglect and maltreatment. To achieve this, the Centre offers intensive parent education, goal setting, case management, group classes, home visits, psychological support and recreational opportunities.


The Centre’s main focus is the Nurturing Parenting Program. This evidence-based family centered program is designed to build nurturing parenting skills as an alternative to negative and neglectful parenting practices. In this pursuit, parents also learn about themselves, examine the impact of their family histories and how their parenting will impact their children and are empowered to take responsibilities for their own lives.


This year, the Centre worked with 1027 parents and children in crisis. To further enhance the benefit to families, CUPS introduced the Supporting Fathers Initiative programming to highlight the importance of fathers in family and child development.