a few words on family

At CUPS, we see all people as part of a greater, connected family. Everyone is someone's child, parent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin or friend. Whether estranged or connected, single or married, everyone counts and is important in someone's life. It’s our goal to treat anyone in need as part of our family and to assist in any way we can.


At CUPS, we continually strive towards building the capability of our participants. The economic downturn made it an extremely important time to ensure that our programs produce the greatest returns to our participants. In combination with our work on strengthening our internal system and structure, we have continued to focus on evidence-based programming, rigorous data collection, and evaluation was the right direction to head towards.

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  • Letter from the Board

    Donors, partners and friends of CUPS,

    You play an important role in supporting the most vulnerable in Calgary. You have supported CUPS to ensure that we are successful in our combined efforts to help families and individuals. These people have received not only basic resources, but also to access programs, interventions and support that have allowed them to move ahead in a sustainable and healthy way. In the truest sense, our staff, volunteers, and community members have ensured that CUPS has done what we set out to do: to not just give fish, but to help those in need learn to fish for themselves!

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  • Thanks to Our Supporters / Volunteers

    The work we do wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of our volunteers and the generosity of our supporters. On behalf of our Board, staff and those we serve, we thank you for making Calgary a more inclusive and caring city.

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  • Our Board of Directors

    We are proud to have a distinguished and dedicated group of professionals with a wide range of expertise and experience serving on our Board. Together, we will continue to focus on enhancing our programs and measuring our results to ensure we’re serving Calgary families in the best way possible.

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Our Programs

Engage. Motivate. Achieve. These three words are our sustaining mantra and serve as the foundation of our core service pillars: Health, Education and Housing. All of our programs aim to engage people who want to make a better life for themselves and empower them with the skills and motivation to achieve their fullest potential. Together, our programs address every aspect of life, and set each person up for success as individuals and as a family.

Health Programs

There is an undeniable link between poverty and poor health. For those living in poverty, factors such as trauma, homelessness, lack of food security and low health knowledge levels contribute to health issues. With over 25 years of experience, CUPS health services go beyond basic care to help Calgary’s most vulnerable individuals and families overcome the barriers to their well-being.

5,169 patients with 33,977 patient visits, including:

  • 143 women in prenatal care
  • 576 pediatric patients
  • 556 mental health care patients
  • CUPS Primary Care Clinic

    A medical clinic designed to help those in poverty treat, manage and prevent health issues, so they have the foundation to work towards lasting stability.
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  • Women's Health Clinic

    A multidisciplinary wellness centre that takes a holistic approach to the physical, mental and socio-economic health of impoverished women and children.
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  • Special Focus: What I Do as a CUPS Nurse

    As a nurse at CUPS, I undertake a few roles. In all of my roles, my main concerns – beyond nursing care – are to advocate for patients’ well-being, and to build a relationship of trust and engagement with patients so they are motivated and supported in becoming actively involved in their own health.
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Education Programs

Our education programs seek to improve the lives and futures of children and adults by disrupting the intergenerational cycle of poverty. To accomplish this, CUPS offers research-based early intervention and support programs that focus not only on the social, emotional and cognitive development of children, but also on the overall well-being of parents, families and adults.

  • 1027 parents and children in crisis.
  • 409 parents in parenting programs.
  • 216 children involved in child education programs.
  • 26 adults assisted through the Lorraine Melchior Bursary Fund.
  • Family Development Centre

    A care centre that provides intensive parent education, goal setting and support for at-risk pregnant women, families and children who are impacted by poverty.
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  • Child Development Centres

    Dedicated to delivering early intervention, support, education and training to promote healthy infant brain development, CUPS Child Development Centres early intervention programs are designed to prevent or overcome developmental delays and stop the intergenerational cycle of poverty.
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  • Lorraine Melchior Bursary Fund

    A bursary fund that helps low-income individuals with expenses such as food, rent, childcare and transportation, so they can pursue further education.
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  • Special Focus: Building Futures

    Kimberly arrived at CUPS pregnant, homeless, and an addict. She turned her life around with CUPS support.
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Housing Programs

Stable housing continues to be the major factor in overcoming poverty and is essential for good health, child development and personal well-being. A safe living environment helps build social connections and dramatically increases education and employment prospects. We not only help Calgary’s most vulnerable adults and children secure housing, we provide the support they need to maintain it.

  • Over 3,800 families and individuals housed since 2008.
  • 645 adults and children were housed in CUPS programs.
  • 2,195 referrals for food, clothing, furniture and Alberta Works Emergency Funding.
  • 300 households stabilized through Client in Transition funding.
  • 923 people received ID via CUPS.
  • Key Case Management & GRSP

    Subsidized housing program where caseworkers help those who have experienced homelessness develop the skills to maintain stable housing and learn self-sufficiency.
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  • Community Development

    An engagement initiative that provides rent subsidies and empowers low-income families and individuals to connect with their community to increase housing stability and long-term success.
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  • Supports

    A program that delivers a variety of services and support to struggling Calgarians to remove the barriers that prevent them from accessing basic needs and housing.
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  • Special Focus: Starting Over

    Dan's life changed for the worse when his ex-wife illegally took his daughter.
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Financial Statements

Review our Fiscal 2014/2015 Financials. Click here >

We Will help people break the cycle of poverty and replace it with a ripple effect of empowerment.

Moving into our second quarter century of operation, 2014/2015 has been a time of reflection and strengthening of our internal services. As a result of this hard work, we are confident that CUPS is optimally positioned and glavanized to move forward with purpose.

We Rely On Your Donations

This year, we will need your help more than ever to help vulnerable Calgarians get through the difficult economic time. Your support can start a ripple effect that will make a difference this year and for many years to come.


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